P is for Photo every hour: November 28

So, I am an avid user of Pinterest and someone I follow pinned this article called 56 Things To Do Instead of Spending Money so as a college student with a wealth of monopoly meal plan money and $30 to her name, naturally I looked at it. One of the options really caught my eye, and that was to take a photo every hour and document your day. So here’s how a day in the life of a Young Life leader looks on a club day.

9:08 – I woke up for my 9:30 class. It’s worth noting that it takes 10 minutes for me to walk from my dorm to class and probably another 2 minutes just to get out of the building (I live in a maze). I had 5 alarms set. 1 on my phone at 8:08, one across the room at 8:10, another on my phone at 8:12, another across the room at 8:17, and one more on my phone at 8:21. The three on my phone continue every 5 minutes if I hit the snooze button (which I do), and I still managed to wake up this late. This is why I am clearly a winner. But on the plus side, the view I woke up to is breathtaking. I’m adorable, so I have fake flowers in a mason jar sitting on my windowsill along with some pictures in frames and a lovely view of the sunrise. Most of the time, I am not awake in time to actually see anything remotely close to the sunrise, but alas, ’tis the winter season and the sun rises much later, likely to accomodate for sleeping beauties like myself. So at 9:08, I changed my pants, put on a coat, and headed out the door to my child development class, where the professor let us out 10 minutes early. What a life I live.

10:30 – got back to my room after grabbing myself breakfast – and a healthy one at that – large Dunkachino (because they were out of medium and small cups) and a double chocolate donut with Holiday frosting (because I go to a state school where we have to be politically correct). In a fit of procrastination, I decided to enjoy my breakfast while catching up on some television. Yes, I am a woman of many fandoms, but I rarely watch my TV shows when they are actually on television. So I emptied my Hulu queue (yes, I have an account, what do you do with your life?) then opened the document for my English paper that I was procrastinating on and added zero words to it.

11:20 – The demise of the Christmas decorations begins. So on Tuesday in a fit of procrastination (I have a lot of those) I decided that our suite was too boring and not Christmas-y enough. In the break between my tutoring sessions, I went to Walmart and picked up some stuff I needed to work on a project and I headed over to the Christmas aisle to kill some time. A strand of 100 lights was $2.68. I’m sorry, but could you pass that up? So I bought 2 strands and connected them to the two strands that my roommate had brought back with her after Thanksgiving break. I wanted to hang all the lights, but I am too short. And that’s how I learned the stability of each piece of furniture in our room. I had no other means of hanging the lights except by masking tape, so I did that. They held up all night, but very slowly, one by one, the tape jobs stopped holding up. This picture was taken from my doorway and you can see my bathroom to the left. I took a shower and this was the obstacle course I was given upon my exit from the bathroom. Once I was wearing clothes, I re-taped everything and it held up a while longer.

12:11 – I had the opportunity to visit the high school for lunch and talk up club for the night, but I skipped out because I was sick and had to work on that English paper. So obviously, after my light-capades, I opened the document and started to cut out paper snowflakes. When people ask me my weaknesses during interviews, procrastination is obviously the first thing that comes up. Rarely am I doing something that I am supposed to be doing or that I should be doing. So here’s the story of what I shouldn’t have been doing. I had already started making paper snowflakes in a previous fit of procrastination, so I added to the pile, then had no idea what to do with them. I saw something on Pinterest wherein someone tied tree ornaments to string and hung them from the window, so I figured I’d do something like that. And this is how it turned out. And this is how I learned that the side table next to my bed is not stable to stand on.

1:05 – Now is the time that I was actually doing something somewhat productive right before my 1:30 ASL class. I was attempting to prepare for the game we planned on playing at club but didn’t actually play because, like I said, I attempted to prepare. Dance or Dare requires music, of which I did not have the proper kinds. After giving up trying to acquire the proper songs, I decided to just listen to Mumford & Sons. And you can see my dollar store Scotties tissues, of which I have already gone through half a box. But don’t you worry, I had my options open when I needed tissues at club. That’ll make sense in a few pictures, I promise.

2:45 – Every Monday and Wednesday after ASL, I go to the Union and get lunch with my roommates and some girls who lived down the hall from us last year. I always get my favorite “meal,” cheese tortellini with alfredo sauce and a fruit and granola yogurt cup. It’s a lot of dairy, but it’s all so good. I love catching up with those girls. I mean, I see my roommates all the time, but I really only see the girls who lived down the hall when we go to lunch. Them’s some neat ladies. Also, Becca apparently doesn’t like when I take pictures of her while she’s eating. The audacity.

3:30 – All of my roommates were gone, so I took that opportunity to practice some songs for club on my guitar without disturbing anyone. I mean, it’s not like I play the recorder or I’m in beginner’s violin, but I still feel like it’s such a disruption when I play my guitar when any of my roommates are home. So I practiced the songs I was planning on having to play at club – I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing and Love Song by Third Day – that I didn’t end up having to play. I didn’t mind. More procrastination on my English paper. Plus it gave me an excuse to give Lola some love after I’ve neglected her for so long. I hardly ever play my guitar because I never have time. Even though I have time to hang Christmas lights and make snowflakes. So. Priorities.

4:45 – Taking some much needed quiet time with my Bible, journal, and box of tissues. And I got some use out of the cool lights I found in my closet at home since the sun had already gone down (winter is an upsetting time in terms of hours of daylight). But I have sort of been neglecting my faith lately. Sure, I will always have a relationship with the Savior of mankind because I accepted Him into my life, but I have done nothing to maintain that relationship. I have gotten no rest in Him for weeks and I have hardly even prayed about anything at all, let alone read His word. I mean, for goodness sake, it’s taken me almost three months to get through the book of Luke and I’m not even close to the crucifixion. And that’s just because I have taken zero time to spend with Jesus. This was just for about half an hour, but it was still a great comfort on my life. I decided to take something of a sabbath on Saturday while my roommates are all gone. I’m going to spend the entire day in my pajamas spending time with Jesus and just relaxing so I don’t go insane over these next few weeks.

6:12 – Getting to the house where we have club to set up. I kinda skipped the 5ish hour to take a picture because I was getting ready to leave and driving on a bunch of country roads where I deemed it slightly unsafe to attempt to take a picture. But, this is where the whole life-of-a-Young-Life-leader thing comes into play. We get to the Rodgers’ house 2 hours before club to set up and practice before any kids get there. It really only takes us an hour to set up and practice, but then I leave and pick up some girls and bring them to club, but I need quite a bit of time to do that because Otsego is made up of quite a few small towns in the middle of nowhere. While there is never traffic on country roads, it does still take a while to get anywhere.

7:15 – I took a picture of our little set-up for club right before I left to go pick up girls. For the first half of the semester, we had club in the basement, but there is a glass art class that takes place in the basement now and we don’t want to disturb it, so we’ve had club in the living room the past couple weeks. We wanted to project the song lyrics on the wall instead of awkwardly borrowing a sheet from the Rodgers, so we did this. That’s my computer (which I’m writing this on which seems weird and inception-y to me), our first-year helper Brad, Zorro, and a whole bunch of technical stuff that was not kind to us during club. We had a video to promote summer camp (because it’s never too early to get excited for Young Life camp), but the sound did not want to cooperate, so we awkwardly explained what was happening in the video as it played in silence. Uncomfortable silence. Luckily, the sound suddenly worked again for the emotional video that Scottie used to explain the Cross. I cried. It’s whatever. No big deal. OH and I told you I would explain the tissue thing. So our skit, instead of Dance or Dare, was a minute to win it game wherein the contestants take out every tissue in a box one by one. So I had a pile of tissues which I actually used in front of club. No shame.

9:30 – I skipped the 8ish hour because club was happening and I got too wrapped up in it to take any pictures.But after club, this lovely lady, Sara, and I realized we were wearing the same shirt. We had Fall Weekend at Kalahari and some people were selling these lovely shirts they made, so Sara and I both bought one. As it turns out, they had a bunch of extras and my brother is awesome and gets privileges like the extras for free. So he gave one to everyone in my family, which meant I had an extra one. We gave it to the girl who won the tissue-pulling game. She got really excited about it because she had to work and couldn’t come to Fall Weekend, which is exciting.

10:09 – More driving. I drive the girls I pick up back home after club, then head back to BG for some debriefing on how the other schools felt about their clubs. Our go-to hangout spot for Wood County Young Life is Dairy Queen. So here I am with Ele the hula girl at a stop sign headed to Dairy Queen.

11: 15 – Still hanging out at Dairy Queen. Let me tell you, when we park it somewhere, we really park it. We were there for quite a while. So those are my co-leaders. Both so happy to be there. And not at all lookin’ creepy. I was very tired, so I don’t really remember what we talked about that whole time, but I’m sure it was interesting and likely gut-bustingly hilarious because it always is. We ended up leaving around 11:45, which I only remember because I didn’t have to check in at the front desk when I got back. That’s an exciting moment in my life. Because I lead such an interesting life. Which is why I’ve said 2000 words about my day so far.

12:02 – I got back to my room and this was the state of our lights. Upsetting. And while I was sitting in my room trying to fall asleep, I heard a few more lights fall and scare the crap out of me. They’re still all sitting on the floor. So much for somewhat productive procrastination.

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