What I love about stories

There’s a phenomenon when you read a book in public that I think most nerds can relate to. All good books have a way of dragging you into their world and making you a part of it. Because of that, you feel the things the characters feel. You go through everything they go through and more. There comes a moment in the story when things get too intense; things get too big. You just have to put the book down to fully process the emotional turmoil you’ve just gone through. When you’re in public in that moment, you suddenly remember that you are not actually a part of that world in the story – you are, in fact, in a world kindly going about its day as if that emotional turmoil didn’t happen at all. You see cars driving by with the windows rolled down and their passengers without a care in the world. You see children laughing and playing. You see the faces of those around you and notice that nobody shares your thought of What in the hell just happened?! You realize that nobody can answer your question because nothing did happen. The events are fictional. But, by George, the feelings are real. You take with you the things you learned while immersed in that story. Reading books, watching movies, and just experiencing stories allow you to live a life you never could while learning more than simply going through life would make possible. You can live your own life more fully, imaginatively, and wisely by living the lives of the characters in books and stories. I’ll just leave you with the words of George R.R. Martin: