What is home?

My parents officially moved out of our house today. I thought it would be a lot harder for me to handle than it was, but maybe that’s just because it’s been so drawn out that I’m numb to it or something. I don’t know, but it was still an off day for me today.

But something awesome happened. But it was the love-the-little-things kind of awesome that happens every day. So I was planning for the bible study that I started to lead this summer and to prepare, I was skimming through all my old journals, one of which I used for the creative writing class I took Senior year of high school – we were given a prompt at the beginning of every class and we had a five minute free writing period to follow that prompt or write what was on our hearts. After I finished planning the bible study, I decided to read through all of my essays and one of them was just what I needed to read.

What is home? Home is a warm fire burning deep in your heart. Home is freshly baked chocolate chip cookies made just for you. Home is a shelter from the coming storm. Home is a handmade handkerchief on a weepy day. Home is the perfect hiding spot in a world-wide game of hide-and-seek. Home is where you laugh the most. Home is a big bear hug when you really need one. Home is freshly brewed chili with cinnamon rolls when it’s cold. Home is an ice cream sundae with whipped cream when it’s hot. Home is your favorite sappy movie on a rainy fall afternoon. Home is a picnic in the grass at the first sight of spring. Home is cuddling with a dog when you really need a friend. Home is a friendly smile when all you wear is a frown. Home is staying up late together watching Youtube for hours. Home is a candid photo capturing every personality. Home is more than a house. Home is love.

Thanks, 17 year-old Maggie.


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