My Ordinary Adventure

I am a girl who longs for adventure. I dream of mountains to climb and cities to explore. Every acquaintance is an opportunity to make a new friend and every forest has mysteries waiting to be discovered. I am 22, fresh out of college, and terrified ready to take on the world. My story is just beginning. Now is the time when I can keep filling the pages by writing down dreams, or I can start chasing them.

I am a girl who longs for adventure at a time bursting with opportunities. So why am I surrounded by boxes of my things I’m preparing to move to an apartment only one block away? Because that’s where my next big adventure will start.

Adventurers can look like a lot of things. Most think of explorers discovering new lands, scientists risking their lives in the field, or great athletes training for a big moment. But from the outside, the greatest adventurers can look like ordinary people. Particularly in Christian culture, the “real” adventurers are the ones with work visas and stamps on their passports from third world countries. These people are seen as superstar missionaries (although, don’t get me wrong, they definitely are not in it for the superstar Christian status). We Christians get into this mindset that missionaries are only found overseas; we humans get into this mindset that real adventure is only found anywhere but here. But you and me, the people who haven’t explored a foreign country or served in an impoverished land, or maybe haven’t even invested in a passport (me), we can still be missionaries; we can still be adventurers.

When you climb a mountain or step foot onto “superstar missionary” soil, you never really know what the next step has in store. When you go into a new season of life, even in the same place with the same community, you only have a vague idea of what lies ahead. There is no telling exactly what your next day might look like. It takes a great deal of courage to wake up and go into each new day when it is filled with mystery. There are challenges ahead of you, whether you are climbing a mountain, serving refugees, or starting a new job unsure what your next year might look like.

I may be moving around the corner and living in the same place I’ve spent the past four years, but I am definitely nearing uncharted territory. I have to start caring about things like health insurance, credit scores, and 401Ks. I am a real adult now, and I have no idea how to be that. I’m well-versed in being a student, but now I find myself on the other side of the desk, and no matter how well my classes and field experiences prepared me, I know there is more learning and growth ahead of me than I can fathom. I’m diving into a new kind of ministry that the Lord has so clearly called me to, but I have no idea what that looks like.

One reason Tina Fey is where she is today – aside from being brilliant and hilarious – is she tells herself, “Say yes, and you’ll figure it out afterwards.” Life is a series of yes-es, and adventure comes with the figuring-it-out-afterwards, and that’s where I find myself today.

It often feels like I have no idea what I’m doing, but I know where I am, who I’m with, and for whose sake I’m doing it all. I’ve said yes, and now I’m figuring out the rest. That’s my ordinary adventure. What’s yours?